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Aki-Petteri Latvala

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Aki-Petteri Latvala
New student

Joined: 15 Jul 2007
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Location: Helsinki, Finland

PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2007 9:33 am    Post subject: Aki-Petteri Latvala Reply with quote

Name: Aki-Petteri Latvala

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Describe your wand.

Name: Faust

Length: 14 1/2 inches

Description: Named after the German scientist who is legendary for selling his soul to dark forces for knowledge in alchemy. The wand itself was made in Finland, the homeland of Aki-Petteri. The core is of the roots of a rare weed that grows in the bottom of Lake Bodom, a weed known for changing its shape to apear as a fearsome fish to ward of predators. The core makes the wand perfect for transfiguration. The core is wrapped in the roots of a Mandragora plants, giving it durability and flexibility. The handle is carved from petrified redwood, making it excellent in non-spoken spells.

How would your friends describe you?
They'd say I'm self-conscious, well-preserved, a devoted lover, yet cold-hearted. Very little affects me, yet when I chose to devote myself to something, it becomes my entire focus and my reason for living.

What do you like best about yourself?
My affect on people. I can manipulate people in a way that sometimes scares even myself. I can love, but most of my emotion is just a trick of mind, and not true emotion. Manipulation, in the material and non-material is my specialty, and the one thing I can manipulate best is myself.

What do you like least about yourself?
That I have to manipulate myself to feel much of anything. That I have very little feeling for the living, or what I can completely understand, and I only truly love what can't speak back to me.

Which canon character is most likely to be your friend, and why?
Probably Professor Snape, because he seems to be just as heartless as I am.

Which canon character is most likely to be your enemy, and why?
Ron. He may save the day every once in a while, but his cluelessness can be very annoying. I like people who have control of their own environment, and he has none.

Which class is your favorite, and why?
Transfiguration. Manipulation is my favorite passtime.

Which class is your least favorite, and why?
Magical History. The past has passed, the future is now.

What would you have as a familiar?
A black housecat. They can manipulate people better than anything.

What Patronus would you conjure?
A dragon. They are powerful, legendary, and heartless. They want three things: respect (fear), fortune, and blood. Symbols of power always attract me.

If you were an Animagus, what would you be?
A leopard. The perfect hunter. Patient, attentive, and excellent in camouflage.

What would you see in the Mirror of Erised?
Myself. Just myself. For that is all I truly desire.

What would a boggart turn into if it was near you?
Myself. For as much as I desire to be just what I am, I also fear anything like me.

Which Hogwarts house is your favorite, and why?
Slytherin. They ballance hogwarts, for truly it would be a boring place without the troublemakers. If there are only good guys, there is no drama, no plot. What kind of story is that?
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