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Sar Hawkins

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Sar Hawkins
New student

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 10, 2007 3:52 pm    Post subject: Sar Hawkins Reply with quote

  1. Name: Sar Issabell Hawkins
  2. Age: 15
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Describe your wand.
    • Name: Gaboon Ebony with Phoenix Talon
    • Length: 15
    • Description: Ebony is unquestionably accepted as the most powerful wood when it comes to magic. The user of this wand will have limitless power as well as unprecedented protectional qualities.

  5. How would your friends describe you?
    Hmm, well if my friends were pressed to describe me they would probably just say 'Sar is Sar'. They've told me many times I'm possible to classify but, I never believe them. Luckily, I managed to get a description of me one time. It went something like 'Sar is random, funny, huggable, naive, sweet, immature, spoiled sometimes, a good sport, insecure, and paranoid, mischievous, and very gullible. She'll believe almost anything and loves to pretend. It's almost impossible not to love her, unless she gets bratty. Which she can. Sar can be really spoiled sometimes and its times like those that you really want to smack her.' Ha, so yes. That is how my friends would describe me. I may have made that longer than necessary.
  6. What do you like best about yourself?
    Um I guess that I like... uh my ability to make up new words? I don't know, I guess I like that I can make up strange new words a lot but maybe my hair would actually be my favorite thing about myself.
  7. What do you like least about yourself?
    Well, this is easy. I hate how short I am. I know that I can't really change my genes but sometimes I wish I'd gotten my mother's genes instead of my fathers. I mean, she's like a giant but not a real one, and my father is tiny.
  8. Which canon character is most likely to be your friend, and why?
    Um, Luna I guess would most likely be my friend. We're not really similar but I find her really neat, the way she'll believe in anything, like me, and the way she just walks around in a daze not caring what people think about her. I wish I could be like that, I'm terribly self conscious.
  9. Which canon character is most likely to be your enemy, and why?
    My enemy? Probably Hermione. She's a tightwad and tightwads usually get me all pissy. I'd just find it annoying to be around her all the time and start a fight with her.
  10. Which class is your favorite, and why?
    Care of Magical Creatures is undoubtedly my favorite class. I adore animals, even if they are dangerous, and I love to do things outside and be able to run around a lot.
  11. Which class is your least favorite, and why?
    Well, I don't really hate History of Magic because it's always good to catch a nap in, but sometimes it's so boring it won't even let me fall sleep in it.
  12. What would you have as a familiar?
    A meerkat, which is of the mongoose family, named Bear.
  13. What Patronus would you conjure?
    Ha, well, if I could conjure a pratonous I would want it to be a wolverine because they're really cute. But I don't really know what I would conjure. I just hope its a wolverine.
  14. If you were an Animagus, what would you be?
    Er, I think I would probably a skunk. Because they are striped!
  15. What would you see in the Mirror of Erised?
    Oh, this is also easy. I would see me and my entire family, which is quite huge, having another pool part/barbecue. That was the most fun I've ever had. Well, it would either be that, or me at a concert. Those are also always very fun.
  16. What would a boggart turn into if it was near you?
    Heh, well it's stupid but if a boggart was near me it would turn into a balcony. I'm not afraid of heights, just balconies. And if it wasn't a balcony then it would be a shark, which is odd because my favorite movie is Jaws.
  17. Which Hogwarts house is your favorite, and why?

Well, I really like Ravenclaw. I like smart things and people for some reason and that house is full of them. But it's impossible for me to get into their since I have zero motivation. So after Ravenclaw I think if would be Gryffindor, because they're all very 'live for today' and I like that.
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