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The Pure Chance Parlour!

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Simon Chance
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PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2007 1:03 pm    Post subject: The Pure Chance Parlour! Reply with quote

April Hogsmeade Weekend

As many students wandered the busy streets of the small wizarding village, several of them noticed a new shop along one of the rows of businesses. An oddly shaped building with a small cloudy window and a large brown door. Above the door read a sign in a great fancy script...

Last Chance Parlour
Take a Chance and Come On In

Along the street, a bit of American classic rock 'n roll could be heard.

Within the door, a large hall way ending in a sales counter came into view. Along either wall of the hall were large cases of cigars and fine tobacco. At the sales counter, a glass case of sweet cakes and donuts sat, as well as a menu of fine wines and ciders.

At the end of the hall, the room moved out into an open space with several tables, one or two with a hookah sitting on the tabletop. Along the back wall was a large wine-case and opposite that was a small stage set up. Along the final wall, a magical jukebox could be seen.

As you enter, a back door opens and a man in his mid-thirties enters. He has long blondish hair and an exquisite golden monocle upon his left eye. He smiles widely and welcomes you in.

"Hello and welcome to the Last Chance Parlour, home of many fine tobaccos, wines, ciders, and music. I'm Simon Chance, owner and proprietor. Come on in, have a drink, or a smoke, or a song and please have a good time."

He coughed after his obviously rehearsed spiel, a nervousness seemingly coming about him.

((Please start new threads when you wish to interact within the parlour. Thanks! ~Management))
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