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Premiere in Hollywood July 8th 2007

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 09, 2007 8:19 am    Post subject: Premiere in Hollywood July 8th 2007 Reply with quote

(Wasn't sure where to post this, but I wanted to share an HP experience)
On Sunday July 8th I went to the U.S. premiere for The Order of the Phoenix in Hollywood. I went there just to see if I could perhaps get in some way, but when I arrived there were hundreds upon hundreds of people lined up on the streets there and it was only 10 in the morning and it wasn't even supposed to start till 4 in the afternoon. I luckily found a spot to stand right across the way to the entrance of the Graumanís Chinese Theatre and waited across the street from the red carpet with hundreds of others; I defended my spot making sure I still had a clear view.
When the music came on everyone went hysterical and then the press came and people were screaming and jumping at the camera, I had never seen such an event. I waited in the burning sun for hours and hours. Finally the security guards let us go a bit closer to this railing that was blocking off the street and that was much closer to the red carpet. I ran so that I was right up against that railing and I had my arms over the top. People were pushing and shoving so hard I could barely breathe, but I didnít care, all I wanted was to see them, to see my beloved Daniel, Emma and Rupert.
The first limo arrived and everyone was pushing one another to get a good look as to who had arrived and a red haired boy stepped out of the car and as he turned around right away everyone knew this was Rupert and everyone went absolutely ballistic. Instead of going straight for the red carpet he decided to walk past all the fans across the street where the bleachers were and where many fans were standing including me. He walked about ten feet away waving and people were screaming and crying and of course I was yelling and blowing him kisses. He walked to the very end and signed autographs, I was a bit disappointed because he didnít go down the entire line and sign autographs, so he passed our group up, but at least I got to see him very close up.
The next limo arrived and people were screaming once again, but I could not see this time because my view was blocked by the wild girls next to me. I just waited and hoped that who ever they were screaming for would come see the fans just as Rupert had done. I soon found out who had come out the limo as I got a glance of Emma Watson, I went crazy naturally and I could see that she was signing many things as she went down the line. She was getting closer to us and I was waving a newspaper that I had found on the ground about an hour before that had a full page poster of the movie on it. She soon went right up to our group, her dress was white and so pretty and so was she and her smile was glowing as she signed. I stuck out the newspaper and now she was right in front of me not even a foot away signing my newspaper, it was a thrilling experience. I told her thank you and I told her she was awesome and she smiled continuing to sign as many things as she possibly could before her guards told her to move on and even then she would try and stay behind until finally her guards were practically yelling that she had to move on. I was so excited that I was shaking and I couldnít believe that she had touched and signed my newspaper and I continued to scream as she finally made her way to the red carpet.
Finally Daniel had arrived and I saw him waving at the crowd as he got out of the limo and now the place was definitely out of control and I guess the guards saw this and decided it would be better if Daniel go straight to the red carpet avoiding the possibility that the fans try to get past the railings. The fans were very disappointed at this.
After that all the celebrities went to the red carpet and all we could see was the back of them and hardly anyone could get a good shot of Daniel. Soon all the celebrities had made their way into the theater and people now started to disperse and make their way back to their cars and back home. There was this huge cardboard poster of the movie that was glued to the front of the railing that I had been leaning on, I wanted it so my mom helped me rip it off and we carried it back to the car.
I had arrived at the premiere at ten in the morning and now we had gotten in the car and it was six in the evening, eight hours I had spent there in the sweltering sun and to me it was all worth it. It was all worth it because I had gotten an autograph when hundreds of others had not, and I had the chance to actually see how beautiful Emma was dressed and how her smile was so radiant when so many others were too far away to see.
Later on we were watching the news and they were showing the premiere and there was Emmaís back and the camera showed her signing and there I was happy as ever as it showed her signing that newspaper that I had found. I couldn't belive it.
Today was awesome and it was an experience that I will never forget.
"Tell me one last thing," said Harry. "Is this real? Or has this been happening inside my head?"

"Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?"
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