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Nadia Khiteev

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Four households, each alike in dignity...
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Nadia Khiteev
New student

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 12, 2007 8:54 pm    Post subject: Nadia Khiteev Reply with quote

  1. Name: Nadia Khiteev
  2. Age: 14
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Describe your wand.
    • Name: Bloodwood
    • Length: 15 ¼ in.
    • Description:Essence of Pheonix Ash. Useful in divination, Bloodwood is said to reveal secrets of both the past and future and to aid its possessor in understanding the given knowledge. Well known for its brilliant red color, it is also perfect for matters of the heart and healing.

  5. How would your friends describe you?
    That’s difficult to say since I’ve never once had friends, but it’s no wonder what the ones who pity me have to say about me. They lean their heads in their hands and sigh and say, “She’s such a gloomy little thing. Might be very pretty if she’d just wear normal clothes, get her hair out of her eyes. But you can’t really blame her now, can you?” I have no interest in such people.
  6. What do you like best about yourself?
    I think I’ve turned out quite well considering the constraining effects of this curse. I prefer to believe that I am who I am because I choose to be and not because some spell dictates what I do. Therefore, I’d say I like my way of coping with my situation; by embracing it.
  7. What do you like least about yourself?
    I’d like to join those kids on their broom sticks, but a skirt doesn’t exactly mix well when the people below can look up and - well, you get the idea, unpleasant as it is. I don’t get to move around a lot in the clothes I wear or else I run the risk of hyperventilating. Black does absorb the sunlight very effectively, and I’m covered in black from head to toe, which also adds to that problem. Don’t get me wrong; I like the black and the skirts, love it actually, but I wish there was some way to be able to exert myself a little bit while clad in it. Perhaps if I found a self-cooling charm…
  8. Which canon character is most likely to be your friend, and why?
    Either Parvati Patil or Lavender Brown or both. Hermione seems like a nice quiet person, but she doesn’t really appreciate the more esoteric subjects, does she? Patil and Brown would be my number one customers, and I’m sure I’d end up with a good deal of their pretty little trinkets in my possession before the first term is through.
  9. Which canon character is most likely to be your enemy, and why?
    As I mentioned before, Hermione, with her unfathomable hatred for the divining arts would pose a threat to my business and annoy me to no end. Undoubtedly she’d schedule time everyday to try and convert me to rational thinking because divination is just a waste of time that could be better spent trying to underhandedly force house elves to leave the castle.
  10. Which class is your favorite, and why?
    By now, the choice is an obvious one. Divination is an excellent course for opening the mind to vast possibilities and discovering the deep meaning in the smallest of everyday occurrences. But alas such a thing is beneath most people nowadays. Fortune-reading befits only dark, ominous old hags and eccentrics.
  11. Which class is your least favorite, and why?
    Arithmacy. As if all of life’s lessons can be understood by applying the rigid numerical calculations. Not that it isn’t useful from time to time, but most of the divination-haters can be found lurking in that particular classroom.
  12. What would you have as a familiar?
    A dainty little grey cat would make a lovely familiar. Quiet, elegant, and cute as well. Or perhaps a boa constrictor…
  13. What Patronus would you conjure?
    I’m not so sure I’m capable of performing this enchantment, but if I could, I’m certain it would be a little bat, a pipistrelle. Most people would think it horrible that such a hideous little creature could symbolize anyone’s happiest state, but if they’d just look closely enough they’d see how charming the little thing can be.
  14. If you were an Animagus, what would you be?
    The same as my patronus, a pipistrelle. At last! Then I could fly through the night sky without a care!
  15. What would you see in the Mirror of Erised?
    Perhaps from another’s point of view it would be hard to tell because I would look much the same. After all, I like that person that I am. But there would be a smile on my face, utterly un-blemished. And then I would know that my curse is finally broken.
  16. What would a boggart turn into if it was near you?
    That’s easy. Some gawking, fawning fool after my heart! Love is the most troublesome, burdensome thing in this world! It destroys the most comfortable homes, topples the strongest personality, and overthrows once happy lives, sending them into a spiral of misery! I pity all those idealistic fools searching for their soul mate. They’ll discover despair sooner than they think.
  17. Which Hogwarts house is your favorite, and why?
    I don‘t have a preference. I‘m much more interested in where the hat thinks I should go. I have consulted the cards, and they suggest that I could have qualities that merit being placed in any of the houses.
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Lucius Malfoy

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 15, 2007 1:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Please PM me with information on your curse, so that the Admin team can decide if this is a playable character.


Lucius Malfoy, Plot Admin
Diplomacy: The art of letting someone else have your way.
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