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Hiroshi Souseki

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Please sort me into a house!
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Hiroshi Souseki
New student

Joined: 10 Apr 2007
Posts: 1
Location: Gainesville, FL

PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2007 3:04 am    Post subject: Hiroshi Souseki Reply with quote

  1. Name:
    Hiroshi Souseki

  2. Age:

  3. Gender:

  4. Describe your wand.
    • Name:

    • Length:
      14 1/4 inches

    • Description:
      Essence of Hair from the Tail of a Male Unicorn
      Ash is known to give its owner focus and is the perfect choice for charm work. Also famous for its protective qualities it is especially suited for security against even the most powerful storms.

  5. How would your friends describe you?
    Quiet at times, talkative during other times. They say that I'm quite skilled at keeping my temper and maintain a cool attitude.

  6. What do you like best about yourself?
    I love that I'm able to keep my cool. I see people put in stressful situations and they would freak out. I would sit there and smile thinking "If they can't handle this, then they have a long road ahead of them."

  7. What do you like least about yourself?
    I think too much. I set up these plans in my head and watch them fall apart as time goes by. O, well. Thats life.

  8. Which canon character is most likely to be your friend, and why?
    Hermoine believe it or not. With the way she carries herself, I find it quite interesting. She's a very smart girl and she is able to handle most situations without freaking out. Someone on my level of thinking.

  9. Which canon character is most likely to be your enemy, and why?
    Ron Weasley..... The guy is so indecisive... I wouldn't say I hate the guy. I just wish that he would stand up and face for what he thinks is right without having that air of indecision.

  10. Which class is your favorite, and why?
    I would say that my favorite class has to be Defense against Dark Arts. The way I see how battles are decided is through defense. Let an enemy get through with an attack and it could be all over in one turn. Plus, I love protecting people. Its what I live for.

  11. Which class is your least favorite, and why?
    Well, I would say it would be the class Rubeus Hagrid is teaching... I just don't like the random actions animals make... it scares me.

  12. What would you have as a familiar?
    As a familiar, I would have a falcon. すごい!(amazing)

  13. What Patronus would you conjure?
    A harpy/siren would be my Patronus. With its beautiful song, it can lull my enemies to sleep and deliever the final blow with its claws.

  14. If you were an Animagus, what would you be?
    A falcon. Useful way of scoping the land.

  15. What would you see in the Mirror of Erised?
    I would see myself in the future, happy and with a wife. Someone that would give me strength in times of strife.

  16. What would a boggart turn into if it was near you?
    ::sigh:: do I have to? Well, for some reason I'm afraid of things that doesn't make logical sense. Like, for example. A creature that resembles a human but doesn't have a face or important parts of the anatomy is missing. Causing me to freeze up in terror.

  17. Which Hogwarts house is your favorite, and why?
    My favorite house has to be Gryffindor. I have a thing for winged animals. But I also like that fact that so many people I look up to comes from that house. It would give me something to work towards.

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Albus Dumbledore
Site Admin

Joined: 26 Feb 2006
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 11, 2007 10:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The admins have vetoed dragons as familiars, before, and we will be doing it again. Pick something else for a familiar.
Sherbet lemons?
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